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The dual-chamber piston can system
for the highest standards and flexibility.

A Product of
Zima - Systems GmbH

Piston system

for aluminum monobloc aerosol cans

Zima-Kolben piston, the patented piston system.

After several years of development and testing the from scratch developed Zima- Piston system is available for its wide and varied scope of application.

The patented Zima-Kolben piston guarantees a perfect seal between the content medium and the propellant.

The high sealing ability of the Zima-Kolben piston system makes it possible to use the system with content media of different viscosities.

The special design of the Zima-Kolben piston allows smaller imperfections of or damage to the can without affecting the high sealing ability.

Exactly these properties are the condition for trouble free practical application of dual-chamber systems.

The upper form of the piston can be adjusted to easily fit the inner form of the can. This assures an almost complete emptying of the content medium.

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