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The dual-chamber piston can system
for the highest standards and flexibility.

A Product of
Zima - Systems GmbH


The Zima-Kolben piston can is produced using state of the art injection molding techniques for conventional plastics. On request of the customer, special plastic materials can be used as well.

In the development of the Zima-Kolben piston great value was put on universal and simple adapting to different standard can and can neck designs.

The special design of the Zima-Kolben piston guarantees the fast and unproblematic accommodation of specific customer needs.

Product range

Plastics bottling products are now indispensable in virtually all application areas. The number of types of products is huge and the variety of product requirements correspondingly immense.

The Zima-Kolben piston system can be used with almost all injection molding materials available on the market.

The Zima piston can system, better known as aerosol piston can, aerosol can, aerosol or spray,

is available for a very large range of products, ranging from food products to corrosive or other aggressive products.

A number of market standards were chosen as basis for the design of the upper part of the Zima-Kolben piston. This design guarantees a discharge rate via the Zima-Piston system of 90% to 99%.


  • More cost efficient than all other alternatives
  • Standardized production
  • Suitable for all can diameters
  • Huge range of products
    • Technology
    • Medicine
    • Cosmetics
    • Food
    • etc.
  • Suitable for high as well as low viscosity liquids
  • Reusable and refillable
  • Benefits of propellant
    • Expensive fuel gases (air sufficient as a propellant)
    • Less environmental impact of greenhouse gases
    • Non-flammable, no risk of explosion
  • Environmentally friendly

Piston and aerosol can images

Zima aerosol aluminium piston can. Zima aerosol aluminium piston can. Zima aerosol aluminium piston can.

Environmental awareness

Innovative technology for a clean environment.

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